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It's the good girls who keep the diaries, the bad girls never have the time. -- Tallulah Bankhead

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in the news...


Worlds deepest indoor pool

If youve ever peered into the deep end of your local swimming baths and got the willies, this is not for you.

The futuristically named Y-40 is the deepest indoor pool in the world, plummeting to ear-popping depths of 137ft the underwater equivalent to the height of a 14-storey building.

Burglar squeezes out of jail cell

Video footage of an alleged housebreaker, demonstrating how he escaped from the GaRankuwa police holding cells, has gone viral. He was then filmed on a cellphone demonstrating how he squeezed through the bars of the holding cell.

Man laat 'rowers' behoorlik les ops

Jy gaan ni my goed vat nie, het die hoof van n opleidingskollege vir n vermeende rower by n verkeerslig ges oomblikke voor die verkeerslig groen geword en hy di vermeende boef amper 450 m langs sy motor gesleep het.


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